What happens to insurance if those who damage your car are … your family?

Today, insuring your car is as important as having health insurance. It not only allows you to protect your heritage, but also your life and your finances. Thanks to the appearance of many insurers, the offer was never so great. So, if you want to purchase a policy, you can compare among many alternatives and check which one suits your profile.

One of the most requested coverage is the one covered by the vehicle in case of theft

One of the most requested coverage is the one covered by the vehicle in case of theft

This not only covers the theft of the car as a total loss, but in many cases it also covers the theft of parts and / or accessories, it would only be a matter of approaching his bank to make use of that money and thus cover the impasse without falling behind in his financial obligations. oans are good when they have a timely and beneficial purpose, but cannot be used to cover all the expenses of the month. And also, the damages that may be suffered in the attempt of theft.

However it may have a restriction

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And it is that many insurers specify that the damages suffered while the car is not in their possession will be covered, as long as, so that the client is not affected during the investigation and can continue with his routine normally. Additional benefits like this are specified in the contracts, even mentioning how many days the benefit will be provided for free. the causes of these are not their relatives. In many cases, they only include spouses and children, while in others they specify that if the damages were caused by your ascendants, relatives up to the second degree and even, dependent workers, the coverage is invalidated.

Not all insurers have the same clauses, but you should always find out what are the conditions that are specified to avoid confusion and suffer losses.


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