Platform Debt Assistance

Increase your expertise by exchanging knowledge and experience about debt counseling with municipalities and colleagues. Attention is paid to policy issues, but also to practical solutions.

The Debt Assistance Platform has arisen from the wish to discuss ideas and current affairs with municipalities and involved organizations and to list the consequences for your practice. The organization is in the hands of Desteris and Stimulansz.

The Platform is a creative think tank with attention for policy and organizational aspects of debt counseling, but also for practical tools and solutions for implementation.

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During the meetings we go deep into the matter. Signals from municipal practice are passed on to, for example, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, the NVVK and the SDR. We discuss practical situations, both substantive and process-based.

The agenda is determined in consultation with the participants. In every platform there is a presentation and discussion topics and often there is a guest speaker. The Ministry of SZW, SDR, Divosa or the NVVK are regularly present.

The Platform has more depth and is smaller and more interactive than, for example, a conference or study day.

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The Platform consists of a fixed, small group of people with a similar background that allows you to exchange documents and information outside the meetings.


During the meetings the following topics will be discussed:

  • What works within debt prevention
  • Continue law on municipal debt assistance on policy and implementation practice
  • Objection and appeal by law
  • Smart work processes, what works?
  • Responsible spending, which target groups do you use with which commitment?
  • Target groups within debt assistance, development, trends and shifts

These themes are supplemented by the members of the Platform.

Practical information

  • The Platform is small-scale, with a maximum of 25 people
  • There are three afternoon meetings per year, starting with a lunch
  • Meetings take place in Utrecht (at Stimulansz)
  • Participants have an active input in setting the agenda

Pricing information

StimulanSZ Work and Income subscribers and customers with Desteris subscription ( Pricing Guide or Budget Manual ) pay € 755, – per year. Non-subscribers pay € 914, -. This includes three meetings, lunch and documentation.




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