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Most often, we receive money from a loan into a bank account. Currently, virtually all of us have their own account, which can be accessed online. However, this is not the only form of withdrawal – more and more loan companies, including Aala, offer a loan with a Giro check. What is this kind of payment?

Non -bank loans often save our home budget when we lack the money for everyday expenses. Also with them, we are able to quickly and conveniently get money for various over-the-top purchases. The installment loan in a parabank is not dangerous and expensive – it is more and more often an equal alternative to a bank loan, and it also happens that it is a more attractive offer.

When we want to take out an on-line loan , most often the money is transferred to the account indicated by us. However, if you do not want to use this form of payment, you should look for a company that offers a loan with a Giro check. What is the Giro check and what is the payment of funds?


Giro check – what is it?

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The word “Giro” (pronounced jiro) is derived from the Italian language and is translated as “turnover”, and more precisely as a circulation of money. Giro payments have been known for many years and were used before bank accounts became known today.

Giro’s payments are based on the postal money withdrawal system. The money is then transferred to the post office, from where the entitled person can withdraw it. Although currently online transfers are the most popular form of transferring money, we can still use Giro payments.


How do we withdraw money with a Giro check?

How do we withdraw money with a Giro check?

Giro payments allow convenient payment of cash in post offices throughout the country to people who have been indicated by the bank’s client. Therefore, we do not have to have a bank account or we can use this option if we do not want the money to be credited to the account.

Payments of this kind are often chosen in the case of loans and credits, so you can also pay other benefits, such as compensation, insurance benefits and salaries.


To be able to withdraw money with Giro’s payment at a post office, you need:

To be able to withdraw money with Giro

  • an ID card of the person entitled to receive the money
  • Giro payment form, i.e. the so-called Giro check with transaction details

As you can see, withdrawing money in this way is very simple. If we do not have a bank account card, if we do not have an account at all, or if we want to get cash, the Giro check is a good idea.

Thanks to it, you can withdraw money immediately, without waiting for the transfer to be posted. As soon as you receive the withdrawal form, you can simply go to the bank branch to withdraw your funds. What’s more, we do not have to transfer the verification fee then, as is the case with many on-line loans.


Installment loan with Giro check in Aala

Installment loan with Giro check in Aala

At Aala, we have also prepared a cash withdrawal option for our customers with a Giro check. The use of such a service costs PLN 13 – it is a one-time fee added to the first installment of the loan . This fee is intended to cover the payment costs with the use of a check.

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